Restoring documents: conservatism and innovations

Paper books and other documents have not disappeared. With a gadget at hand and access to the Internet, every second Russian still continues to read paper books.

But time does not spare paper. Books and documents are destroyed by improper storage, active use, flood or fire. One wants to preserve the books of their childhood and memorable documents at any cost. 

Restoration of documents and books is a very difficult and labor-intensive job. Restoration materials are expensive and not always available. However, there are a lot of people in the world who support the development of this sphere.

On April 5 the 6th International Academic and Practical Seminar " Restoring documents: conservatism and innovations" started at the Russian State Library. The seminar is taking place for the 6th time and a few days of it are full of interesting programs: reports of restorers, chemists and researchers as well as a lot of workshops make it possible to keep up-to-date with new methods, materials and technologies. Over the past period 118 experts from Russia and abroad have taken part in the workshops.

If you are interested in the issues of book restoration and have not yet been to this event, we highly recommend you to attend it next year! And on behalf of our museum we wish you success with this and the next seminars and further development of the restoration and conservation issues.