The Pushkin State Museum conservators helped restore statue of the condottiero Gattamelata in Montevideo

In May 2021, the department of culture of the municipality of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, asked the Pushkin State Museum to help restore fragments of a bronze replica of Donatello's famous equestrian statue of the condottiero Gattamelata, captain-general, leader of the mercenary armies of the Republic of Venice. Nicknamed Gattamelata ("cheetah") for his courage and cunning, Erasmo di Narni was born in Padua into a baker's family. Gattamelata's fate vividly reflected the new position of man in Renaissance society, which opened up space for personal energy, talent and the will of outstanding personalities of the era. The Italian courtyard of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts exhibits a life-size plaster copy of the work.

During the renovation of a square in Montevideo, the equestrian statue of Gattamelata was temporarily dismantled. On completion of the work, it was discovered that one of the spurs had been stolen by vandals. The Uruguayan conservators decided to recover the lost fragments using 3D technology and asked our museum to digitize the rider's lower legs and spurs.

The museum's conservators, in cooperation with experts, scanned the Gattamelata statue in the museum. Digital copies of the fragments were sent to Montevideo. After several months, the restoration of the statue was completed.

We warmly congratulate our colleagues on the successful completion of the work.