Study and conservation of Vincent van Gogh's The Red Vineyard

On 24 May, during the presentation of LG SIGNATURE's ultra-premium new product, The beginning of a new project on studying and conservation of Vincent van Gogh's "The Red Vineyards in Arles. Montmajor" was announced. Painted in November 1888, one of the most prolific periods of the artist's short life, the work was sold by the artist for 350 francs. Having passed through the hands of several collectors, from the end of 1909 it became a jewel in the Moscow collection of Ivan Morozov, who acquired it for 20 thousand francs.

With the support from LG SIGNATURE, museum experts will carry out comprehensive technical and technological research to enable coservators to better understand the details of the painting's creation and detect destructive processes affecting its state of preservation. One of the main features of this project will be a vlog documenting the process of the treatments. Upon completion of each stage of the work, video reports will be made available on our website with comments from specialists. Upon completion of the treatments, the painting will be presented at the exhibition "New Art Masterpieces. The Morozov Collection".