Results of restoration of Titian's "Ecce Homo" presented at the Pushkin State Museum

On February 11 at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the results of restoration of Titian's painting "Ecce Homo" were presented.

The event was attended by a team of conservators and scientific consultants, who talked about the history of the work, its restoration in the 1930s, the research of the painting and the last stage of its restoration.

Titian's masterpiece "Ecce Homo" was barbarously cut out of its frame and stolen from the museum in 1927, along with works by Rembrandt and Carlo Dolci, and only in 1931 was it returned to the museum in severely damaged condition.

After a long and difficult process of restoration, Titian's work returned to the permanent exhibition of the Pushkin State Museum, now it can be seen in Hall 7 of the Main Building of the Museum. 

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