New Depository, Conservation and Exhibition Centre under construction

In Kolymazhny Lane, the construction of the Depository, Conservation and Exhibition Centre of the Pushkin State  Museum (DCEC) is underway.

The DCEC with a total area of ​​20.5 thousand square meters will consist of two buildings: the depository and the conservation and exhibition centre,which would be  connected to each other and the main building by an underground part. At the moment, the, three underground floors of the complex are constructed, each of them is approximately 3000 square meters.

The new center, among other things, will contain the workshops for the conservation of metal, wooden frames and furniture, ceramics, porcelain and glass objects, stone and plaster sculptures, textile, paper, and paintings, as well as well-equipped research laboratories. The total territory of the workshops and laboratories, therefore, will be increased by two and a half times, in comparison with the existing ones.

The construction of the DCEC is part of the project on developing  the “Pushkin State museum town". The move of the workshops and laboratories to the new center is planned for 2020.