The Donatello project: dialogue continues with The Pushkin State Museum conservators’ visit to Berlin

Within the Donatello and other Renaissance masters: research and conservation project carried out in The Pushkin State Museum in collaboration with The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and The Collection of Sculptures from the State Museums of Berlin, work meetings and an academic symposium of the Pushkin State Museum conservators and the German and Italian specialists were held in Berlin from 9 to 13 of April.

During their visit, the Pushkin State Museum conservators were shown the conservation workshops and depositaries of the Gemäldegalerie, Bode Museum and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation's Archaeological Centre, as well as the Gipsformerei and the Rathgen Research Laboratory.

On the 13th of April symposium the Moscow conservators presented the results of the research and conservation treatments performed on the pieces from the Transferred art collection, as well as the new homepage of the Department of conservation, which was opened in April. The visit marked the new stage in the development of a joint Russian and German research and conservation project.

The project on research and conservation of the sculpture pieces from the Berlin museums which are now in custody of The Pushkin State Museum was launched in 2015. The Renaissance collection includes pieces made of metal, ceramics, stone, and terracotta originally which belonged to the museum of Kaiser Friedrich in Berlin and were brought to Moscow in 1946. Most of the pieces were badly damaged during a massive fire in Berlin's Friedrichshain bunker in the last days of the war. Learn more about the project here.