Studies of Giulio Mazzoni's Francesco del Nero

Author Giulio Mazzoni
Title Francesco del Nero
Date 1550-1560 (?)
Material bronze
Technique bronze casting
Workshop Objects Conservation

Studies of the nature of the molding mass from the bronze bust of Francesco del Nero

Investigations of the sample material (2) were carried out by microscopic methods in reflected light (Hund wetzlar microscope).

The microstructure of the sample was studied using a scanning electron microscope (JSM-5910LV, JEOL) in reflected electrons in the Z-contrast regime. Analysis of the distribution of elements (qualitative and quantitative composition of the samples) was carried out by the method of energy-dispersive microanalysis (analytical systems INCA and AZtecENERGY, Oxford Instruments). Electron microscopy studies were carried out at the Scientific Center for Fiber Optics (headed by Iskhakova, LD, the analytical center).
X-ray examination of the sample was carried out using a Bruker D2 PHASER diffractometer on CuKα-radiation. The results were processed and X-ray phase analysis of the samples was carried out using the DIFFRACplus (EVA and TOPAS software complexes.
The method of IR spectrometry on the Simex instrument IR Fourier spectrometer FT-801 and microchemical analysis was also used.

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