Karl Ludwig Frommel, Italian Landscape

Author Karl Ludwig Frommel
Title Italian Landscape
School Germany
Date Mid-XIX century
Material Paper
Technique Watercolours, varnish
Workshop Paper Сonservation

The conservation of Karl Ludwig Frommel's Italian Landscape was finished in 2006. It got to the workshop in a very bad state: numerous tears mended with crude wood glue on the back side, which lead to bad deformations, many losses of the base at the edges, layers of dirt and dust deeply penetrated the paper, brown spots of glue around the tear on the upper side of the piece. The state of preservation of this work made it impossible to exhibit it.

On the back of the drawing there are words: Landscape a great foreign artist Pluchekr Confirm A.Sidorov* and an indistinct inscription in French.

The varnish was examined first. Infrared spectroscopy was used to determine its contents and revealed water-soluble gum. Thus, all conservation treatments had to be carried out with great care.

After cleaning the surface, the stickers and the layer of old stiffened wood glue were removed with poultices. After that, the surface was gently cleaned off the yellowing with damp wringed out tampons. The drawing was placed in a humidifying chamber and straightened. After that, the tears were mended with Japanese paper and starch glue.

The application of a thin layer of paper pulp on the dirty edges of the tears was especially difficult. To avoid staining, the treatment was carried out with absorbent materials: areas dampened with paper pulp would be dried quickly.

The losses were filled with paper of similar to the original thickness, texture and colour. The base was backed with Japanese paper and dried while stretched to avoid damaging the paint and varnish layers.

The retouching was done at the final stage. After being placed in a Ph-neutral passe-partout, the drawing was returned to the depositary.


Пейзажъ великий импортный художник Pluchekr Подтверждаю А.Сидоров»