Twice rescued

Apulian red–figure amphora depicting Actaeon’s death

The Darius Painter

Dinos depicting two sphinxes

Red-figure keleba depicting Apollo riding a swan

The Hesione Painter

Oinochoe decorated with concentric circles

Attic black–glazed calyx–krater circled with ivy wreath

Bucchero amphora depicting a procession of horsemen and a goddess’s heads

Attic red-figure stamnos depicting Orestes and Electra killing Aigisthos

The Copenhagen Painter

Youth holding a cock

Wall bracket depicting a goddess with the «Hathor’s locks»

Campana relief depicting palaestra with statues of athletes

«Zeus from Dodona»

Head of a bearded god

St John the Baptist

Donato di Niccoló di Betto Bardi, called Donatello (1386 ca. – 1466)

Dancing Cupid or Spiritello

Donatello D (?)

Flagellation of Christ

After Donatello (?)

Reclining putto

Francesco di Simone Ferrucci (1437-1493) (?) derived from an original design by Andrea del Verrocchio

Madonna with Child (the “Fridrichstein Madonna”)

Luca della Robbia (1400-1482)

Flagellation of Christ

Ascribed to Donatello (Donato di Niccoló di Betto Bardi, 1386 ca. – 1466)

Portrait of Beatrice of Aragon

Circle of Andrea del Verrocchio (1435 - 1488)

Bust of a Napoletan Princess

Attributed to Francesco Laurana (1430 -1502)

Boy with an insect (inkwell)

Style of Andrea Briosco, called Riccio

Saint Jerome Penitent

Attributed to Bertoldo di Giovanni (1420-1491)

Head of a child

Antonio Lombardo (1458-1516)

Portrait of Francesco del Nero

Giulio Mazzoni (1525-1618) (?)


Bertoldo di Giovanni (1420 - 1491)

Bust of Giovanni Battista Spagnoli

Gian Marco Cavalli (1454 ca. – after 1508)

Head of a Young Boy.

After a model by Desiderio da Settignano. (1430-1464)

The Mountain of Hell

Agostino Zoppo (1515-1572)

The Mountain of Hell

Agostino Zoppo (1515-1572)

Bust of Voltaire

Jean-Antoine Houdon (1741-1828)