Twice rescued

Фотография до реставрации Фотография после реставрации

Attributed to Bertoldo di Giovanni (1420-1491)

Saint Jerome Penitent

  • Inv. ЗС-160
  • Bronze
  • 29,7 х 17 cm.
  • Conservator: Y. Voronin, 2018

This Saint Jerome was acquired by the Berlin Museums in 1895 together with a collection of Italian bronze belonged to the English collector of a German origin Henry Pfungst. The collection was acquired on the initiative of Wilhelm von Bode, who published this work and attributed it to the Florentine sculptor Bertoldo di Giovanni (c. 1440-1491). Bertoldo, who studied with Donatello and was, in turn, a teacher of Michelangelo, occupied an important intermediate place in the history of Florentine sculpture. In addition, Bertoldo was the curator of the collection of antique sculptures owned by Lorenzo the Magnificent. Wilhelm von Bode devoted a whole monograph to the work of Bertoldo, published in 1925. After WWII, the attribution of the statuette to Bertoldo was generally accepted. More recently, James Draper (1992) expressed some doubts about it, suggesting with caution that the statuette should be considered the work of a Florentine sculptor of ca. 1500.


The metal composition was determined. The surface was cleaned and consolidated.