Twice rescued

Фотография до реставрации Фотография после реставрации

Oinochoe decorated with concentric circles

  • Cyprus, 7th c. BC.
  • Inv. АВ 3356
  • Clay, slip, paints
  • H. 36 cm.
  • Conservator: D. Kalinichev, 2011

The oinochoe pitchers with a triple petal rim are one of the most characteristic forms of Greek painted ceramics. They were used not only in everyday life, but also for exaltation rites, including burial rites.

The Cyprus oinochoes of the archaic period are often spherical, decorated with various arrangements of concentric circles as if moving in their orbits. They convey to us the ancient ideas about the animation of the cosmos and its divine laws - not only the laws of the human world, but the entire vast universe, with the Moon and Sun, planets and countless star worlds.


The oinochoe is assembled together from over 125 fragments. Approximately one fifth of the surface of the oinochoe was heavily burnt, and one seventh was lost. During the restoration, the fragments were cleaned of soot and glued together, the losses were filled.