Twice rescued

Фотография до реставрации Фотография после реставрации

Dinos depicting two sphinxes

  • East Greece, the island of Rhodes, early 6th c. BC.
  • Inv. АВ 3167
  • Clay, varnish, slip, paint
  • H. 33 cm.
  • Conservator: L. Levko, 2005

The Dinos is an element of the Greek feasts, a vessel where wine and water were mixed (most often in proportions from 1:3 to 1:10). A large vessel with a round bottom was placed on a high stand. The wine was taken from it and distributed to the men - participants of night feasts (symposiasts). This vessel was created in the period of Orientalism (7th - beginning of 6th centuries BC), when Greece adopted many motifs and decorations from the East. These include sphinxes - winged lions with female heads. On the vessel there are two sphinxes depicted on the facade and reverse in the central panels and separated by a series of purple rays. These rays correspond to larger rays coming from the bottom of the vase. The middle part of the dinos is decorated with a triple belt of black and purple lines, which harmonizes well with the light, yellowish-cream finish of the vessel walls. The shape of the vase is elegant and modest, the pattern is distinguished by accuracy and sophistication.


The vessel was assembled from numerous fragments which had to be cleaned of soot and dirt; the losses were filled and tinted. Originally, the dinos had two small handles, one of which was identified after the vessel was restored.