6. Ritual of Marriage

The process of resurrection ends in the upper tier. A viable triad is replacing the dead Pythagorean dyad. Here, there are not two episodes, but three, and the central one, still three-figured, carries the meaning of the connection, the marriage of the deceased or the young man and the goddess or savior. The ritual objects are coming together for the first time: his vial being Base and her fan; Top (the fan being the sign of air, life, breathing), and the shadows mean the connection, the combination of the two. The man is being crowned with a circle wreath, there are grapes prepared for him – the symbol of Dionysus. On either side of this group are a single male figure and a couple with a bird.

Beginning of the frieze: a young man with a wreath

In the beginning of the frieze there is a nude young man leaning on a stick and turning his head towards the centre. He is the only one shown frontally as if excluded from the action. Over him, like a semicolon, is hanging a taenia. He has a wreath in his hand, the combined elements of which hint at the restoration of disintegrated life.

Ending of the frieze: couple with a bird

A couple with a bird finish the narrative: the sitting matron otherwise the deceased and the standing young ma; the savior. Probably holding a wreath, he is representing a resurrected male being. Now the godlike hero is himself resurrecting a woman – for the first time he is facing her and bringing her the gift of "life". She is holding a vial, over which a bird with open wings is sitting on the young man's arm: a hint of the willingness of the soul freed from the body to leave for the higher world. Thus, the ritual of resurrection of life as a separation and connection of the body with the soul is finished. A sagging laurel branch marks the ending of the «text» at the top.

The composition of the reverse at the bottom is opened and closed by the figure of a woman, at the top – by the figure of a man: a "son" is equalized with a more powerful, ancient "mother" and even placed in a hierarchically higher level of the ornament.

Digital reconstruction
Digital reconstruction