Studies of Antonio Lombardo's Bust of a Child

Author Antonio Lombardo (?)
Title Bust of a Child
Material bronze
Size 13,5х13 cm
Workshop Objects Conservation

Studies of the mould mass used for mounting of the Bust of a Child

The samples of the mass were examined under a microscopic in reflected light (Hund wetzlar microscope).

The microstructure of the sample was studied using a scanning electron microscope (JSM-5910LV, JEOL) in reflected electrons in the Z-contrast regime. Analysis of the distribution of the elements (qualitative and quantitative composition of the samples) was carried out by the method of energy-dispersive microanalysis (analytical systems INCA and AZtecENERGY, Oxford Instruments). Electron microscopy studies were carried out at the Scientific Center for Fiber Optics (headed by Iskhakova, LD, the analytical center).
X-ray examination of the sample was carried out using a Bruker D2 PHASER diffractometer on CuKα-radiation. The results were processed and X-ray phase analysis of the sample was performed using DIFFRACplus (EVA and TOPAS software complexes.
The method of IR spectrometry on the Simex instrument IR Fourier spectrometer FT-801 and microchemical analysis was also used.

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