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The long work on conserving an ancient Egyptian shroud from the Pushkin State collection has come to an end.


Research and conservation of André Derain's Saturday (1914) has recently started in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

Inside of art is a project that allows you to see what is usually hidden from the public eye: the anatomy of a masterpiece. The name tells no lies: at the exhibition celebrating the 120th anniversary of the first x-ray image you can literally see the inside of the pieces by looking at the x-rays of the masterpieces of French post impressionism.


An episode of the show The Art of Living featuring conservation of an ancient Egyptian shroud by the specialists of The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts aired on the 19 May, 2016.

Our projects

Nisa rhytons are one of the most characteristic examples of Hellenistic art. They are mentioned in nearly every published study on both Parthian art and eastern Hellenism art. Made of ivory, these objects hadn't had any known analogies for a long time, and only recently two more ivory rhyton fragments have been found during excavations in Takhti-Sangin and Ai-Khanum.


The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts with The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and The Collection of Sculptures from the State Museums of Berlin are starting a project on research and conservation of sculptures from the collection of transferred art. These pieces originally belonged to the museum of Kaiser Friedrich in Berlin, whose legal successor is currently the Bode Museum, and were brought to Moscow in 1946.

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